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The magical power that permeates from the word that describes the "unknown". those who are mesmerized by that power.  These people were called the hunters. The hunter's job is to protect the order of mankind and nature.  Gon's journey begins so that he may become a hunter just like his father. And also so that he may find his father.  In order to become a qualified hunter one must pass an austere test.  It's said that only one in tens of thousands, one in hundreds of thousands pass the test.

Hisoka: Welcome to Hunter x Hunter Organization. This is my collection of HxH related information and media files. Enjoy!

Updates: 02/25/2010

Hi guys, I got a character spoiler/profile update to announce:

Karuto is NOT Kiruas younger sister, he is a boy!

He doesn't look like it though, he is wearing a version of a mans kimono from old japan and the HxH guide book officially states, that it's a he. If you think about role models in japan, especially ancient japan, most common forms of theatre such as kabuki and no were performed completely by man, also performing women's roles. ( women once were aloud to play kabuki too, but unfortunately I forgot why it has been permitted xD anyhow they never took part in the no-theatre.) they're also were weird relationships between samurai and their trainees, but ugh that's going way too far xD

I got this information through email from a fan. I'm very thankful :)

Stay tuned for major changes around hisoka.org in the coming few days: hundreds of more pictures, complete episode summary and ova information as well as manga translations coming soon

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