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The Genei Ryodan

The Genei Ryodan is a powerful thief group consisting of 13 powerful Nen user members, all of their individual character profiles are available in the Character Profiles Section.

The Leader

Kuroro Lucifer created the Genei Ryodan about six years ago with only six members.  He believes in the power of spider and hence named his Ryodan - The Genei Ryodan, with Genei meaning Spiders in Japanese. Kuroro is a person who likes to read, with the York Shin auction raid, a couple of his Ryodan members thought the objects they were going to stole were going to be books or games, since they seemed to be their leader's hobbies.  Kuroro also dislikes old things, so he either destroys or sells the things the Ryodan steals very soon after they obtain them.  This is one of the reason that Kurapica was unable to retrive his clan members' eyes balls stolen by the Genei Ryodan) altogether.

The Groups' Activities

As described by the Great Hisoka, the Genei Ryodan members met every couple of years to carry out a mission together.  Usually their activities include murderer, robbery, stealing and assassination, although occasionally, they perform acts of charity.

How to Join the Ryodan

You may join the Genei Ryodan by defeating one of its current members (trust me, they are tough, although the Great Hisoka was able to accomplish this).  Sometimes, when there are openings for new recruits, the leader (Kuroro Lucifer) can select a new member to join the Ryodan.

How to Solve Disputes

Since each and every one of the members of the Ryodan are extremely powerful, you would wonder how they solve inner disputes with in the Ryodan?  Having the members fight each other to death would not be a good idea, so they use coin flips.  Looks like head or tails decides fate within the Ryodans.  This coin flip method, however, is only used when there are confusions about the orders given by the leader.  The Ryodan started to have serious disputes within the group members when Kurapica kidnapped Kuroro.

The Ryodan Symbol

You can identify a Genei Ryodan member by a spider tattoo with a number next to it on the member's body.  The spider tattoo has 13 legs and the number indicates the member ID of that particular member.


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